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About us


We at SLC manufacture pharmaceuticals (Human and vet), also do import and export of pharmaceuticals, non pharmaceuticals, surgical and medical equipment. We also offer contract manufacturing and analysis of pharmaceutical products.

Skylight Chemicals Limited is an established QA/GMP compliant manufacturing facility that is both efficient and has a high production capacity. 

committed to providing our customers with exceptional service.

On-going investments in new equipment and technologies enable Skylight Chemicals Limited to incorporate the latest developments in top quality manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. The company engages qualified experts in their areas of competence subjecting them to continuous training in various disciplines to make them more proficient in their duties. SLC complies with the relevant statutory requirements within its sales region, cares for the environment and supports the local communities.

Always to remain the best contributor to health care sector globally.

To provide high quality and affordable medicine for healthy nation.

Committed to Excellence

Quality, affordable, manufacturing and industrial services